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Korkade makthavare låter gröna kommunister förstöra vår fauna och landsbygd.

By James Beers

Please note the picture below. It is a late-March of 2016 picture from Wyoming and you will probably never see it again nor even hear of it.


You see:

– Wolves don’t do such things.

– Elk, like Minnesota moose, are disappearing due to global warming and ticks and definitely not wolf predation.

– It is a Myth (like the time Kermit the Frog yelled, “it’s a Myth, Myth” and Miss Piggy comes on stage saying, “Yeth, Yeth”) that wolves eradicate game animals and hunting.

– Protecting livestock like sheep and cattle from wolves means simply exerting a Little Effort like 24/27 shepherds and guard dogs and electric fences and fladry and noise makers and taste aversion and tank traps (I just made that one up) –none of which work more than temporarily.

– Wolves are good for “the ecosystem” (which is whatever you want to make of “it” from the ecosystem in your yard to the North American Continent).

– Wolves are wonderful to hear howling, it is a sign of “wilderness”.  (Please note, everywhere wolves now occur in the Lower 48 States, coyotes were or are present.  Coyotes once howled and yipped in the evenings but in the presence of wolves they quickly learn to remain silent because when wolves hear them they zero in on them and kill them at every opportunity.)

All of the above are lies believed by an urban general public that: A.) Does not live with nor is not affected by wolves, B.) Feels guilty about European settlement of North America or the presence of plants and animals not present here before 1492 when Columbus set foot on a Caribbean beach, or C.) Desires to eliminate all human use or ownership of animals from hunting and animal husbandry to animal control and the right to bear arms.

Organizations that raise millions from such folks will do whatever they must to keep reporting of and especially such pictures of wolf carnage from being published or circulated.
Federal politicians that passed the unjust laws that began the wolf introductions and protections do not want such publicity to unmask the perfidy of what they have done.

Current federal politicians that ignore this issue and refuse to give any more than lip service (tsk, tsk, etc.) to solving what their predecessors wrought do not want such publicity about their ongoing cowardly betrayal of rural Americans.

Federal bureaucrats utilizing the wolf carnage and the un-Constitutional laws that give them powers superior to states and the Constitution simply lie, shrug and blame others like a professional boxer jokingly “sparring” with amateurs.

The increased power and salary and retirement this gives them; makes them ruthless in suppressing photos and reporting about such carnage.

State bureaucrats, likewise bob and weave with a “me-too” alibi that mimics their federal “partners” malarkey about “wolves never”, “wolves always”, “global warming”, phony “counts”, etc.  Like the drivers of the “getaway car” they are complicit up to their ears in the whole scam for their own benefit camouflaged as “ecosystem beneficence”.

The media (TV News, Newspapers, Documentaries, Magazines, etc.) have all bought in to the kindly wolf myths for reasons as diverse as; “it sells”, “we get money to do so”, “our staffs are all urban ideologues”, “our political ideology/Party supports this for votes”, to “our teachers filled our heads with so much mush in school that we are incapable of seeing the truth of the matter.”


A few facts you won’t hear elsewhere:

– Wolves frequently kill wintering deer or elk in large numbers without eating them just like a pack of domestic dogs that get loose will kill chickens or sheep they encounter for what we mistakenly call “fun” but is in reality the same thing Indians did when they drove buffalo over cliffs in numbers far exceeding what they could or ever eat or otherwise utilize.

– A couple of years ago on the Wyoming/Idaho border a wolf pack killed a hundred and some sheep for “fun” one dark night.

– Wolves have destroyed Minnesota moose hunting by depleting Minnesota moose.

– Wolves have all but destroyed the once 20,000 elk in the Northern Yellowstone elk herd just as they are doing to moose, elk and deer in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and will do in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Texas if the federal government forces them into those states.

– It is not at all uncommon that wolves hamstring (tear the tendons in the rear legs thus causing the animal to collapse helplessly) pregnant elk, moose, cows, ewes, does, etc. with developed fetuses and then immediately while the adult female lives to begin tearing out the anal area to make a big enough hole to pull out and devour the fetus and then leave the cow, doe, ewe, etc. to die a horrible, lingering and painful (for all you animal rights/wolf advocates) death.

– As big game goes in the West, so goes ranching and rural communities.

_ Wolves are spreading down through Illinois and Indiana and Missouri to infest Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee from which they are expected to “hook up with” (to coin a modern expression) government wolves and coyotes and dogs (making puppies along the way) in the Carolinas and in Oklahoma and Texas rolling Eastward from New Mexico.


The same things are happening in Europe. 

As Europeans do their minuets with Islamic terrorists, wolves are all over now for the first time in a few hundred years and they are increasing in numbers and densities.  Formerly efficient use of suburban/rural forage by sheep and shepherds has been and is being violently and terminally (?) ended as wolf predation, mostly unarmed shepherds, and insane wolf protections combines to kill thousands of sheep annually and put many shepherds “on the dole”.  Rural life is, as in US “wolf country”, less profitable and more dangerous for unarmed citizens, children and the elderly.  When the Lufthansa pilot flew his airplane into the Alps, one of the policemen guarding the site for several days opined, “Our biggest worry was ALL THE WOLVES scavenging the site and consuming human body parts!”  Ask yourself; where else have you heard or will you hear any of this?

Jim Beers
25 March 2016

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC.  He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands.  He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC.  He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority.  He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.
Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting.
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Posted: 26 Mar 2016 05:26 AM PDT
This is what happens when we are not allowed to manage. Warning: Very heartbreaking for our “other” wildlife.
We had 18 elk slaughtered by wolves on our feedgrounds in one night this week. 16 were calves that were not eaten at all – killed and left for dead. The others were two pregnant cow elk. The wolves ripped the fetuses from the elk – most likely from signs we observed, while they were still alive – to later die. Again they did not eat the cows. This makes nearly 70 elk slaughtered by wolves on our feedgrounds alone this winter. That doesn’t include anything off the feedgrouWolves Slaughter 18 Elk in One Night on Wyoming Feed Grounds – None Eatennds. We must use common sense, decency and real conversations to regulate this issue.

Below is a comment from Will Graves, author of Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages and The Real Wolf.
“In 1951 I started researching the habits, characteristics, and nature of wolves in Czarist Russia and in the USSR.  One of the first things I learned was that wolves are, by habit and nature, surplus and wanton killers.  I had always read and been told that wolves kill only the animals or birds they need to eat – my research showed that this was not true. Wolves are powerful predators, and surplus killing is a characteristic and habit of them.   Wolves also cause prey animals to suffer terribly.  Wolves will often eat only the soft parts of a prey animal while it is still alive.  Then leave it to die a slow and painful death.  An example of the surplus killing of wolves has recently been documented.  Here is a photo of the results.  Anyone who says wolves are not surplus killers is blind to the facts and evidence.     Will”


Egen notering.

Som synes är det samma skit i USA som här i Europa. De har låtit sig förledas av människor med en verklighetsfrånvänd uppfattning bestämma om sådant makthavarna själva saknar kunskaper om.

Bevare oss för okunniga och ansvarslösa politiker, de förstör våra samhällen och leder oss bakåt i utveckling.


Förbjud viltforskarnas lek med djuren.

Som den miljörörelse de tillhör har vi sett tillräckligt av deras misshandel av djur, vilda som tama.

De stressar vilda djur med snöskotrar och helikoptrar till dödens gräns.

De tvingar på dem en fysisk behandling av mätning, vägning och mänskligt tal och lukter.

Och de tvingar på dem spårningsutrustning som de lider och dör av.

Deras lek med djuren kostar mer lidande än vad som är försvarbart.

Viltforskare bör befrias från sina uppdrag att leka med vilda djur.

Jag ber att få referera till följande artikel i norska Bergens Tidende. 


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